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Glass Railings

LongTai is dedicated to manufacturing premium glass railings systems for residents, balconies, swimming pools, parks, etc. Four kinds of major glass railing systems are available in LongTai---- glass balustrade, u channel glass railing, spigot glass railing, and glass balustrade standoff railing system. The strong, sturdy structure of the glass railings system greatly withstand the natural test. A clear glass panel invites the light across the panel and you to see the outside view.

Glass Balustrade Railing Systems are featured with different shapes of the balustrade. In LongTai, you could find the glass railing system with round-shaped or square bar-shaped balustrades. The frameless glass balustrade railing also can be founded in Long Tai.
U Channel Glass Railing is the perfect option for outdoor space, especially the balcony. In LongTai, a modern glass railing is introduced----Outdoor LED light Channel Aluminum Glass railing system. Cooperating with the LED lighting, this glass railing system would create a romantic environment and provide sufficient lighting for passersby.
Spigot Glass Railing is the perfect safety glass system that prevents pets fall into the swimming pool accidentally, meanwhile showing the beauty of the swimming pool. The frameless glass balustrade spigots are highly recommended.
The Standoff Pin Glass Railing System is the new trend in the railing end in this category. It creatively changes the installing method of the glass----mounting glass panels with the glass balustrade standoff fittings at the wall, showing the integrity of the beauty of the clear glass.